Update on Linda

Thank You, Dear Friends!!

    The response to Linda's accident and the failure of our AC units was absolutely incredible! We were able to totally cover all the additional medical and physical therapy expenses as well as the replacement of the   AC units this summer. We were completely overwhelmed by God's goodness to us through many of you!!! It was honestly almost surreal to see the     generosity and care of so many dear friends extended towards us over many months that made something that was potentially a huge setback to us into a story of God's care and generous provision through His people!

    Brief Update: Linda got out of the wheelchair for her knee injury at about six weeks and once her elbow fracture was healed she worked her way to full weight bearing on crutches over the next 4 and a half. So full weight bearing at 10.5 weeks instead of 12 was an answered prayer in itself! For the last four weeks since then she has been working to restore her normal gait and speed of walking. Going up and down steps the normal way with alternating feet still causes pain in the injured knee, but seems to be improving slowly over time. During her 6 week stay mostly in our basement, she went upstairs several times on her bum using her arms (mostly the un-injured right one) for support. That popped the shoulder bones out of position on both shoulders, then using crutches further irritated her shoulders, especially the right one. That has also slowly improved over the last four weeks, but they still pop out and back with certain movements and still hurt some of the time but we are praying they heal up and stay in place.

    We appreciate your continued prayer for her full recovery! The effect not only of the injury but of a season of non-weight bearing seems to have caused many things to deteriorate, so the process of coming back will take time. Our bodies really are fearfully and wonderfully made and we are praying for full recovery! Linda is so grateful to be walking again and to be gradually regaining normal strength and function.

    Pray also for us as we look for a doctor to evaluate Linda and work with her long term on her probable osteoporosis.

        God’s Blessings,     In Christ,
                Bernie & Linda