Announcing Oliver James Beall!

Dear Friends!

On August 9, at 12:44AM, Aaron and Christina's third child arrived, our 9th grandchild! He weighed in, 6 days early, at 8lb 10ounces, and was 22 inches long, their biggest baby yet! So far he seems to be a very calm baby which is nice for Aaron and Christina in their busy household. Aaron was the most peaceful of my four children, both as a baby and all through his life, so maybe Oliver will take after him? In fact, the name "Oliver" is associated with the olive tree, and from Noah in the Bible an olive branch is a symbol of peace!

Their first child, Ezra, came into this world via an emergency C section when they realized he was crowning breech. Then their second child, Aimee, almost arrived before Aaron and Christina got to the birthing inn, and had inhaled meconium which caused trouble breathing so she needed to be in the NICU for a week. Unlike the first two, thankfully this baby's arrival was a calm and controlled VBAC via a gentle induction.  This was certainly God's answer to our prayers for them to have a peaceful beautiful birth this time around! Christina said it was the perfect birth and she had no regrets having decided to go this route at their physician's advice based on low amniotic fluid levels. We are grateful also for this particular Doctor and how attentive she was to Christina's history and how the Lord used her wisdom to enable this birth experience to be calm and not traumatic!

Please pray:

1. For the happy integration of Oliver into their family life and grace equal to the task for Aaron and Christina in the parenting of a newborn as well as their two older busy, brilliant children. Ezra, on his initiative, did some laundry (with very little assistance) to help out (!) and Aimee is in love - apparently she thought this new baby needed to wear a crown to celebrate :) Please join us in celebrating and rejoicing over the birth of this new little one!

2. Aaron's been having some back pain and a few other symptoms, and is seeing a Doctor today, please pray it gets properly diagnosed and remedied.

3. Oliver has a 'sacral dimple' which he will have checked out in the next week or two - please pray it is nothing significant.

Thanks so much and love and blessings to you all,

Linda for the Bealls

Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb a reward. - Psalm 127:3