Summer 2016 - If I had an Instagram...

Hello friends!

We have had a fun summer so far, lots of tours and outreaches for Bernie! He has just written an update about a few of them, which should be online soon. We have also enjoyed our times with our grandchildren and I have a few pictures to share...

Recently I asked Christina and Sarah to take some pictures of the granddaughters dressed in their tutus which was a lot of fun! Sarah took some of them running down in the parkland and being crazy, and Christina took some outside our house. I think they did a great job capturing these fun kiddos!

When the grandchildren visit Sarah is here also, to give them piano lessons. Afterwards, in the summer she also often takes them on hikes in the parkland near our house after the work is finished; there is a creek and trails and it is always lots of fun for all! 

They are often muddy and wet when they return (throwing yellow boots in the air in this picture) but they don't always have a change of clothes so this particular time I put them in some of my old long sleeve t-shirts while their clothes were being washed. The sleeves were of course way too long, which reminded them of Mulan, so they had fun dancing and parading around pretending to be Mulan. :)

Often we have popsicles outside to cool off on hot days.

Then there are dress-ups and doll clothing designs while they are here.

So sorry to flood you with these pictures (at least I don't have an Instagram feed!!) but these children are being raised so incredibly well and as you can tell from how much I talk about them, they are a big and enjoyable part of my life right now, so I hope you enjoy seeing a few captured moments of some of their times here this summer!

I am planning my first 'cousins camp' later this month with all but baby Aimee; could please pray it is a success and fun for all?  Just a few days for this first run, we will see how it goes!

Look at dear Aimee in this picture with her gorgeous smile! Can you see why they melt my heart?

Hope you are all having your own fun and productive summers with family and friends!

Linda for the Bealls

Grandchildren are the crown of old men, [and their wives :) ] And the glory of sons is their fathers. - Proverbs 17:6