Spring Ministry Update

SPRING 2016 — Ministry Update
“Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.”
- Proverbs 22:28 (Carved in stone at Constitution Hall in DC)

Dear Friends in Christ,

We hope you are enjoying the Spring weather! We have enjoyed the many opportunities that the Lord has brought our way and we are overdue for an update! So we thought we would give you one testimony from each of the two types of groups that we have ministered to so far in 2016.

1. Evangelism is a Process - Ministering to International Guests

We have a wonderful eclectic network of ministry friends who bring international guests to DC throughout the year. When they are here Bernie is the ‘local friend’ who takes them through DC the way only an ‘American History Missionary’ can! With our international friends it often takes multiple exposures to Christians and to the gospel to come to Christ. During part of their American trip these int’l friends typically enjoy both the more subtle witness of hospitality with Christian families, as well as the more explicit witness they get on our spiritual heritage outreach tours.

For instance, twice a year an American friend who speaks Chinese travels to China to invite groups of Chinese college students to America, including DC. One student wrote us this note: “Thank you very much for your kind hospitality you showed us during the visit to Washington DC. All the places are so wonderful and impressed. You are so nice and energetic that even prepare us such considerate Chinese characters gift! I believe that everyone had a very incredible experience in Washington DC. Thanks again and best wishes to you and your big family!”

These international students and business people are often atheists, so it’s always our prayer that their time with us is spiritually eye-opening and moves them along towards embracing the truth of the gospel message into their hearts and lives.

An evangelistic approach I often use is to point out that there’s a saying in DC, a saying that’s true all over the world, “It’s not what you know, but who you know!” First, I say that now that they know me, I hope if they ever come back to DC that I will be able to help them in some way. Second, I say that saying is actually an eternal truth! When we stand before the judgment seat of God someday, it won’t matter what we know, but who we know. As they have heard many quotes by that time from America’s Founding Fathers about God and woven in my personal testimony, I invite them to consider the claims of Christ for themselves. Then when they stand before God someday, they can say, “I know Jesus!” The vast majority of America’s founders were personally Christians. Every generation and each person since then must decide for themselves to personally become a follower of Christ. My invitation: Now you, too, can become a follower and be able say, “I know Jesus!”

This happened dramatically once when every day for four days in a row another one of the Chinese business people in the group became a Christian. Their Chinese Christian friend who had brought them to America was certainly foundational in their understanding of Christianity, but it was a great honor to play a role on the day their new faith was birthed.

2. Discipleship is a Lifetime - Ministering to Christians

Of the various Christian groups that we connect with, it is always our prayer that our time together is a significant spiritual experience to help them grow in their walk with Christ. A family friend wrote this about the men he brought to DC.

“The Leadership and Communication Class from the International ALERT Academy in Big Sandy TX had the opportunity to spend a week in Washington DC studying the Leadership of our Founding Fathers. We had the privilege of spending a full day with Mr. Bernie Beall who was able to show us more in one day than some folks see in a week in DC. We visited the Capitol, Library of Congress, Arlington National Cemetery, and all the major outdoor Monuments and Memorials.

“Throughout the course of the 12 hours, Mr. Beall would stop at different points and tell us historical facts about that certain person or place. He would give us a series of quotes, or excerpts from a speech by that Founding Father showing us ‘in their own words’ what kind of men these really were that founded our country. The cadets were astonished how much scripture there was to be found in both the Founding Fathers speeches as well as the monuments themselves. It was a very enjoyable day (even in the rain) and a highlight for all the men. All of us walked away having been encouraged, enlightened, and strengthened in our walks with God and in the belief that this county truly was founded Under God!”

On the Home Front!

Linda enjoyed making the granddaughters Easter dresses, and we all had a fun tea party with them getting all dressed up in them!

Hope you enjoy these photos of Granddad reading to them and Grandmomma surrounded by her ‘garden’ of grandchildren.

We are so grateful for them and blessed by them and their parents who walk with God.

“I have no greater joy than this, to hear of my children walking in the truth.”
- III John 4

To you our dear friends in Christ, THANK YOU for holding us up in prayer and with your support.

We appreciate you!

In Christ,Bernie & Linda Beall