Thanksgiving Newsletter 2014 - The harvest!

“How then will they call on Him in whom they have not believed?
How will they believe in Him whom they have not heard?
And how will they hear without a preacher?” ~ Romans 10:14

Dear Friends in Christ,

A late Thanksgiving letter

We’re sorry that the trajectory to have our Thanksgiving letter online by Thanksgiving this year got delayed largely due to busy-ness in ministry. Being busy in ministry can be a good thing, but getting our letter to you late is disappointing to us, especially since you are in the top category of things we are grateful to God for when Thanksgiving rolls around each year!

We hope you enjoy these few stories of some ways the Lord has allowed us to be His ‘harvesters’ in recent months, as He seeks to rescue souls to His bounty and life.

Four were baptized

This note came after our last prayer letter, and we wanted to share it and other recent notes with you, because you, our ministry partners, help make our ministry possible!

“Dear Bernie ... Four of the non-believers accepted Jesus. Your testimonies contributed to their decision. They had testified to that throughout our trip. Four were baptized. Three in our lake and Mr. Z held out until the 12th was baptized at Willow Creek Church lake.” Note hint of rainbow in the photo.

A family with ten children

A family we met at a church we spoke at in Chesapeake, Virginia a few years ago was in DC to meet an old high school friend, who is now a congressman! Afterwards, I gave them the grand tour of our nation’s capital.

“Thank you for being an incredible guide with great perspectives of historical and spiritual significance.”

Chinese Business Leaders

Dr. Yu brought a group again this fall, and sent this kind note:

“Each time we serve the Lord together, I feel more grateful for your whole-hearted service. I believe you are a special blessing to ELI ministry, and myself. We’ve learned a lot from your ministry to us. May God continually bless you and your family!”

A Chinese leader among persecuted Christians

Pastor Fu brought a group to Harpers Ferry. He wrote: 

“I learned more about American history from you than in my college class! Thank you for your passion for the Gospel of Christ and His people. We have learned so much and
are deeply encouraged. Thank you for your faithful service and ministry to us.”

Our Thank-You Gift to You

As a small thank-you to those on our mailing list, we have sent a booklet that I have produced entitled:         A Look Inside Our Nation’s Capital. The booklet “highlights stories from history that I love to share ... by recounting ‘in their own words’ what our nation’s Founders really believed.” (From page 1)

We hope it is enjoyable to read and helpful if they visit Washington DC!

Laboring in the harvest field for the Gospel,
Only because of His redemptive grace and power,
~ Bernie for the Bealls

P.S. For our online readers, you can reach us through our contact page if you would like to purchase a copy of this booklet!