March 2012

Easter Devotional by Sarah Beall

The Moral Dilemma "You cannot make men good by law; and without good men you cannot have a good society." - CS Lewis, from Mere Christianity

Sarah enjoys ideas. After a recent discussion I asked her if she could write down her thoughts for our next newsletter; I thought her ideas fit well with Easter when we remember Christ and the sacrifice He made to redeem us. She agreed to do it, so here it is! I hope you enjoy the meanderings of her mind as she muses on the ideal forms of government. Outside of that, we hope her thoughts are a spark to encourage you to think and examine your own views, and draw your own conclusions. We've entitled it:

If you are intrigued or challenged by Sarah's train of thought, you might also be challenged by reading John MacArthur's book Slave; it might make some interesting Easter reading as you contemplate the cost Christ paid for your redemption, and how it translates into a proper relationship to Him as your true owner and redeemer.

Also we have added a few non-professional recordings of Sarah playing some Beethoven and Bach. Bach wrote all of his music 'to the glory of God', and when I listen to it or play it, it feels like worship without words. We hope you enjoy this little musical Easter gift from the Bealls to you, and may you worship God with and without words this Easter. All to the glory of God! He is risen indeed! :)

In closing, we thought we would include one photo and one comment from one of Bernie's recent spiritual heritage ministry tours with international students, as well as a few granddaughter pictures. What a privilege and delight it is to have a part in my grandchildren's lives! Josh and Kerin are the most amazing parents, doing a stunning job raising their little ones to the glory of God!

We ask that you please continue to pray for us as we move into the Spring season of our ministry with many tours and outreaches in the coming weeks. Please pray for spiritual fruit for us as we minister, especially with other families, and for many to be touched by the message of the gospel; even moved to embrace 'theocracy of the soul' by choosing to be Christ's 'slave', and be reborn into God's Kingdom!

May God richly bless you all!!

~ Linda for the Bealls

international students

Friends from the Int'l Student Ministry at Penn State came to D.C. during part of their Spring Break. Later the leader, an old friend, wrote: “Hi, Bernie! Thanks so much for taking such good care of us during our recent visit to D.C. Your two days of tour guiding along with spiritual insights and challenges was the highlight of our trip!”

international students

Left to Right:

1.This was so funny! Hannah is on my lap for the first time while I play the piano. She was so cute, pressing down on my arms, almost like she was hanging on for the ride (which actually made it difficult to play!); her first experience that close to music making, and she loved it. :)

2.Bethy is having her turn on a small violin. She loves it, and will go on playing for quite a while; she usually doesn't want to stop! Her older sisters, Rachel and Abbi, continue to take violin lessons and are making progress, while Bethy is still working with Sarah and me at home.

3.When the girls come to visit we enjoy taking them on bike outings with us; it is fun that the older two can ride by themselves, while Bernie pulls the younger two in a bike trailer.