“Her children rise up and bless her; her husband also, and he praises her, her husband is known in the gates, when he sits among the elders of the land.”
~ Psalm 23:6

Dear Friends in Christ,

Since we launched our ministry 4 years ago, we have experienced many contrasts in people and lifestyles in our travels. We have done family conferences in rural areas, conventions in cities, outreaches in tourist areas, and speaking at international student conferences in metro areas.

In all these places, God is active and at work, and we have seen each setting has its own benefits and challenges. I guess this is obvious! But I think we tend to favor a certain type of lifestyle, thinking it is the best or even the most biblical place to live or to raise a family.

The rural farming lifestyle might seem mundane and boring, but those who live there often find many benefits such as family togetherness, work ethic, closeness to the unspoiled and rugged beauty of nature and opportunities for hospitality. On the other hand, while city life might seem fragmented, worldly, frenetic and dependent on others, those who have chosen it often find the energy, excitement, interdependence and camaraderie of being situated so closely to so many people very stimulating. There is never a lack of exciting things to see and do.

So is one place better than the other? My conclusion is no! Either can be suited to a person's or family's life stage as well as to their calling from the Lord for specific purposes, because in all these places people are seeking the truth; no matter where we are, conversations can happen about the truth of the gospel.

Josh and Kerin, Abbi, Rachel, Bethany, (and Hannah!)

bethany smiling

Bethany and Rachel smile a lot!

All that said, I do think there is something quite special and grounding about growing up in a rural environment. And so we are very excited for Josh and Kerin who have been able to purchase a small 7 acre 'farmette.' What a great place to raise their family! Sometimes when I come to visit, and the granddaughters come running across the field to me, calling 'Grandmomma!!!', I feel like I am in some idyllic scene from a book, painting or film. It seems like a real blessing for their children to have all that room to run around, explore, and work. Although our family's life in ministry has always been in 'suburbia' and usually near a city or college town, my own children have fond memories of visiting their Grandparents especially in the summer. Granddad and Grandmother lived right next to the farm where Bernie himself grew up. Many happy childhood memories were formed riding the tractor with Granddad, playing out at the barn with the barn cats, or exploring in the creek and catching crayfish; trips to the old farm were a welcome break from our suburban house with a small back yard.

Also it is interesting to me is how often men and women who are really successful in life have come from a rural or farming background. Often, if they leave the farm and move to the cities, they become the leaders in their new setting. I have to wonder if there is something about growing up with lots of time spent working with a connected family, lots of room for physical exercise, lots of time to focus and develop gifts and abilities and yes even lots of time to 'think' helps to develop a person's ability to reason, think for themselves, and become a successful adult. This is not to say that we think a country life is best for everyone, or that we expect Aaron, Sarah and Daniel to embrace the exact same lifestyle that Josh and Kerin have; we only hope that they all seek, follow and obey the Lord as He leads them in all they do.

So thank you Josh and Kerin, for embracing this high calling! May you and your future generations be blessed by the Lord, and may your children rise up and call you blessed as they lead and minister in the gates.


Josh and Kerin are expecting their fourth baby, another girl, Hannah Lynn, on September 29th! Kerin is the first of four girls in her own family, so history seems to be repeating itself so far. Please keep them in your prayers as they continue to settle in as well as conquer their new home and prepare for baby number four! Pray for a healthy baby and a safe delivery.

As always, please pray for our various family outreaches and speaking opportunities.
Check our online itinerary for details. Thanks!

In Christ’s love,
Linda for the Bealls

josh and kerin's home

Hundred year old farmhouse at Morningstar Acres
(see Revelation 22:16)

josh and kerin and fam at beach

Josh, Kerin, Rachel (2), Abbi (4) & Bethany (1)

grandmom reading to girls

Grandmomma reading to two granddaughters

girls playing in field

The girls with friends running along the pasture fence, and Abbi climbing a barnyard gate!