Family Providential History

fife and drum corpsA long time love of Bernie is history, specifically knowing that all of history is really "His Story", or God's Story of mankind, and how God's scarlet thread of redemption is intertwined all through it, teaching us lessons if we will only listen and learn. In other ministries with college students, international students or just with personal friends, Bernie has always been excited to be the local person with spiritual insights. Even when it is just our family traveling along in the car, he will quite often go into a historical story based on things we are passing by. Once when we took friends into Washington DC, a young man jokingly asked him if he had a story about some random apartment buildings we were passing, and amazingly he did know some historical facts about the buildings! So taking families to points of historical interest has been a natural aspect of our ministry. We have done two outreaches in 2006, one of Gettysburg, the second of the C&O canal. There are plans for many more in the future! It is an opportunity for families to learn about the stories God has written through historical information, with the hope that it would spur families on to study for themselves God's providential hand, and possibly even research their own family history to dig for lessons and stories there as well.