Family Evangelism

child handing out gospel flierBeing on the staff of a large ministry whose main mission was evangelism, the Beall family has had much experience and training in this area. It is a blessing to have been trained to communicate concisely the main and essential issues of the gospel. We have involved our children in evangelism on college campuses, as well as overseas. We realize many people are at a loss when it comes to initiating a conversation about Christ, understanding where a person is at, and clearly communicating the gospel to them.

We want to provide training and opportunities for people to sow seeds of the gospel into their daily interactions and conversations with neighbors and others, as well as plan different events for families, such as taking surveys and distributing literature at parks or other points of interest where people gather. Families can be involved together performing music, drama, or other activities to attract a crowd, and then hand out literature to those who gather.

Another thing we have found helpful in communicating the gospel clearly to others is to write out your personal salvation story. We would like to help you to write your own testimony into your own personal gospel tract to use when the Lord brings opportunities into your life to share "the hope that lies within you."